Goals & Funding Cycles


  Puppy and Kitten Season is around the corner.  Every year the local shelters and rescues are flooded with unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.  This time of year is when we see our largest intake of animals and our highest expenses.  In preparation to save a maximum number of lives, we incur increased costs due to the volume of antibiotics, dewormers, cleaning solutions, formula, puppy pads, microchips, vaccines, and spay/neuter procedures required.  The adoption fees obtained only reimburse a portion of the funds invested to save these lives.  This season we project our un-recouped costs to be close to $15,000.

•  Animal Shelter Manager Program at a cost $390 per year subscription.  This is an online program that allows us greater ability to track our animals and maintain their medical and adoption records.  This also provides increased accuracy of information and reporting when applying for grants.  An additional benefit is the opportunity it gives us to reach out to previous adopters to increase their support of our programs.




  Microchip Clinics for the public help ensure animals can be returned to their owners and not enter the shelter system.  We purchase microchips from the Found Animals Organization at a cost of $495 per 100 microchips, which includes free lifetime registration.  Implanting microchips at a cost of $10 each allows us to sustain the funding needed to purchase the next 2 boxes for ongoing Microchip Clinics.

  Low-to No-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics.  Traditionally this has been one of our strongest community programs for the economically disadvantaged in our community.  Due to an unanticipated shortfall in funding, we have been unable to achieve the desired impact for our local community.  Our goal is to revitalize this program by holding a quarterly clinic with an average expense of $2,500 resulting in a projected annual cost of $10,000.

•  Administrative Costs.  Our organization is run solely by volunteers with no paid staff, which keeps our overhead to a minimum.  But there are expenses to maintain in order to achieve our mission of saving lives.

  Rent & Utilities projected annual cost is $4,200.  Our office space is integral for our Wellness Clinics, meeting adopters, holding meetings and other business needs.

  Offsite Storage projected annual cost is $1,600.  We need to maintain a separate storage facility to hold products for our Pet Food Pantry, as well as equipment for adoption and community outreach events.

•  General Liability Insurance projected annual cost is $1,400.

•  Board of Directors Insurance projected annual cost is $1,600.



•  Our first step is already in the initial planning stage.  Our goal is to open a Thrift Shop to generate a consistent revenue stream to fund ongoing projects.  Having an operating store front will allow us greater community exposure and the opportunity to reach more potential adopters.

  Our largest goal is to build an environmentally friendly shelter for homeless animals, has always been our primary objective.  We envision a facility that utilizes modern technology while providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment for animals waiting for their forever homes.  Our plan includes having a location to operate our own high-volume, low-cost spay and neuter clinic, as well as a rehabilitation center for animals with special needs, medical or behavioral issues that need to be resolved before they can be permanently adopted.

•  Although building a facility is our main goal, we realize that we also need to remain a part of the community.  To this end, we are striving to purchase a mobile adoption vehicle that will be utilized for off-site adoption events and transportation of our Trap, Neuter, and Release Program feral and community cats.

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