Simply put, we are a group of volunteers who are passionate about the care of the companion animals within our community.

The Humane Society of Stanislaus County (HSSC) was started in mid 2007 by a group of concerned citizens of Stanislaus County.  These amazing people felt that there was a need for an new type of organization directly involved in animal care legislation, organization, and rescue.

In 2009, HSSC moved into a new era of rescue.  HSSC moved from a mostly home based organization in its formative years to a permanent office located off State Route 99 in Modesto.  The new board of directors began moving HSSC into the future with new strategies to increase adoption rates, become more socially aware using SEO outlets, community events designed to engage those people not normally associated with animal rescue.

In October of 2011 we held our first annual event called Petoberfest and in November 2011, HSSC opened a cat adoption center at the Petco Store located at 2021 Evergreen Avenue in Modesto near the Briggsmore Exit.


Currently HSSC is in the planning stages for the opening of a new privately operated shelter.  Stanislaus County currently has no non-government shelters.  This shelter, that has yet to be named, is planned to be a totally self sustaining shelter relying on “Green” principals.  Its ultimate goal is to support Stanislaus County Animal Services with augmented support.

Along with shelter planning, HSSC executive leadership has begun partnering with other successful organizations within our community.  The Board of Directors feels that everyone has something to offer, and rather than reinvent the wheel we are capitalizing on everyone's strengths to accomplish the main goal.

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