The following documents are HSSC corporate documents.  These are copies of official documents and are public information.  Official and updated documents are available, upon request, for review at the Corporate Office.  Please contact us should you wish to review.  (Click on the underlined headings for the full documents.)


The HSSC Bylaws are the corporate document that governs the organization on its mission, operation and process.  This document is filed with the State Attorney Generals office and is the fall back for the Board of Directors and its President when questions regarding proper procedures come up.

Rules of Order

The Rules of Order are the official process for board meetings. This is a standardized process that most boards follow. Many people have heard of “Roberts Rules of Order”, however that is an out dated program that has little place in a corporate environment. While this process is strict, generally our board is much more relaxed and only follows it to strict guidelines during Annual Membership Meetings and when the need arises.

Financial Policy

Our Financial Policy is how we govern expenditures.  It is a check and balance system that has been established by certified CPA's, policy experts and ratified by the board of directors.

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